Why I love riding my bike

The first thing I wanted for my platform was a logo that embodied me and symbolised what ‘your sis nis’ is all about.

What instantly came to mind was me on my bike, and thus my logo was born.

I started riding my bike in grade 3 to and from school, and since then its evolved to mean something close to my heart.

I now ride it to get to places, to meet people, to go on adventures and to get things done. But aside from getting to my destinations or reaching my goals- it’s the ride itself that I love the most.

It makes me think about this thing called life- I don’t know what Allah has planned for me, I don’t always know what I want or need, I don’t know what I’m capable of, or what tomorrow looks like. The uncertainty makes me confused and anxious. Sometimes, it really scares me.

But when I’m on my bike, pedalling, pushing forward, panting up hills and rolling down others, the worries that I’m covered in soon disappear and I’m free to enjoy the ride, to appreciate my journey in life, the downs and the ups, the bends and turns, the distractions and the guidance along the way.

Because at the end of the day, no matter what effort I put in- my final destination isn’t up to me, Allah has already decided it.

But I need to be able to say that I at least tried. That I kept pedalling forward. That I tried to follow His path. That I’m really sorry for the times I didn’t. That I really wanted Him to be happy with me. I want to show him how desperate I am to be in Paradise, to be in a place I can’t even imagine- yet be able to recognise my own home.

I want to meet you, Allah.

Riding my bike is my happy place and I want to take you with me, so I can share my happiness with you and we can have fun along the way, so I don’t have to do this alone, so we can laugh, cry, celebrate, and listen to one another on this journey together.

Will you join me?

-your sis nis

just me on my bike

My logo was created by the super talented Carla McRae. Support local artists!


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